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5 Unbelievable Facts About BMW

Good Facts About Unbelievable BMW
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TOP 5 Unbelievable Facts About BMW

BMW is one of the world’s most prominent car designers and manufacturers. Here are Top 5 Amazing  facts about BMW.

Good Facts About Unbelievable BMW

BMW has many unbelievable facts.

The German vehicle company has been around for over a century, but how did it all begin?

Above all, Has BMW always made cars?


1. BMW used to specialize in airplane engines.

BMW Engine

  •  Before manufacturing cars, BMW made airplane engines.
  • In 1916, Rapp Motor and Otto Werk merged to form BMW.
  • During World War I, German aircraft engines were in high demand, so the two organizations joined forces in this area.
  • BMW engines were well-known for their economy and the ability to reach high altitudes.
  • After World War II, BMW took over the production.
  • The post-war treaty prohibited Germany from manufacturing warplanes, consequently shutting BMW business. After that, BMW turned to car construction.

2. BMW’s corporate headquarters are similar to engine of their cars.


  • Karl Schwanzer, an Austrian architect, designed the BMW HQ in Munich, which took four years to construct.
  • A building was constructed between 1968 and 1972 to be completed in time for the 1972 Summer Olympics.
  • The BMW headquarters are located in Olympiapark, and have been since 1972.
  • Designed after an engine from BMW, it has four towers representing the four cylinders of the engine.
  • Interconnected, the towers rise from a single base and are suspended in the air.The building has a total diameter of 171.6 feet (52.3 meters), and a height of 331 feet (101 meters).
  • A total of 18 floors out of 22 are used as offices.

3. BMW made its first electric car in 1972.


  • BMW was ahead of its time by creating its first electric car in 1972.
  • Since it did not hold a charge for even 20 minutes, the BMW 1602e was never available to the public.
  • A second drawback was that since the vehicle was electric, its power was less than half that of other cars.
  • A renewed interest in electric vehicles in the 1990s sparked the project after it had been abandoned for many years.
  • The 1602e became an excellent foundation for BMW in designing and developing electric cars into what they are today.

4. BMW holds the Guinness world record for longest drift.

BMW Drifting

  • In 1972, BMW developed the world’s first electric car.
  • The BMW 1602e was never made available to the public since it did not hold a charge even for 20 minutes.
  • Due to the vehicle’s being electric, it was also less powerful than most of the other cars for sale.
  • The project was left unfinished for many years until interest in electric vehicles was reignited in the 1990s.
  • Designed and developed by BMW, the 1602e was an excellent foundation for electric vehicles

5. BMW has a back story to its logo.

  • There is a myth that BMW’s logo comes from their history in building planes.
  • BMW stands for “Bayerische Motoren Werke,” which translates to Bavarian Engine Works.
  • During the production of aircraft engines, BMW published its first commercial in 1929.It showed two planes, highlighting The BMW.
  • In 1942 BMW published an article in “Flugmotoren-Nachrichten” (Aircraft Engine News), confirming that the spinning propeller was their official logo.
  •  The BMW’s logo has evolved slightly over the years after it was turned into a production car.
  • The blue and white logo is derived from Bavaria’s official colors, the region in which the company was founded.
  • Though BMW has been designing engines for over 100 years,they are still creating innovative designs.
  • To sum up, The German engineering group has made some of the most iconic vehicles of our time and has adapted their business over many years.

Knowing these top 5 amazing facts about BMW it can be concluded that they have stuck to their roots as a Bavarian-based company and are proud of their heritage.

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