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About Us


Curiofact.com is India’s best-dedicated Facts Blogging website. Early 2020, we’ve been Scanning and researching for reality and context, statements made by individuals in public life. Where we feel there’s a robust got to examine data that are public domain. In February 2021, we decided to spin it off into a separate website.


As a knowledge journalism and policy research organization. The Spending & Policy Research Foundation deals with issues, which should be—but usually are not—in the overall property right, including law and justice, health, education, sanitation, environment, science, innovation, etc. This is often the method we follow in doing that:

Identify Claims: As a Curiofact initiative, we at Curiofact.com actively monitor news and social media platforms to select claims/statements made by public figures or government reports. We also receive inputs from readers on respond @curiofact.com for any claim they are available across.

Check For Veracity/Context: We ask for official data within the property right like government databases, global think tanks, research firms, and other trustworthy sources to assist verify or debunk the claims. Often, claims are true, but misleading because the context and historical perspective are missing. In such cases, we offer context to the claim in question.

Contact Who Claimed: regardless of the claim is true or false, we contact the person/institution who claimed to make sure we present their perspective and successively provide a more balanced also as nuanced story to our readers.

Speak To Experts: With data and facts, you furthermore may need experts to point out how all of that translates on the bottom and features a wider effect on people. curiofact.com relies on the knowledge of experts in a particular area to offer impartial and well-informed inputs for a well-rounded story.

Write & Check: Once written, Curiofact ensures the article/blog goes from under another set of eyes. once we are done poking holes and filling them, we publish the article. At Curiofact.com, we don’t like adjectives, we don’t like opinion. Emotion isn’t our thing.

In case of any error, please contact us. For more details Contact us,