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Health Is Wealth

Health Is Wealth

Health is wealth is a very popular and old saying. we have all heard this word since childhood which means that health is more important than wealth. Because a healthy person is very successful in his life because he can do any work but a rich person who suffering from any disease cannot do the work and will never buy life. A healthy body means complete physical, mental, and social well-being. Good health is more important than anything else in our life.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and discipline is very important because without health there is no happiness and success. People work hard to earn money but do not care for their health and that is a big mistake because they are sick and do not do their job with the same focus and dedication. We should maintain our health to be wealthy people in the real meaning.

A good wealth of health can get in several ways. It requires good thoughts, regular exercise, good nutrition, and hygiene. A healthy person does not spend money on medicine and visits to doctors. Just opposite, a sluggish person is another form of hell of a disease.

Maintaining good health does not require money. It can only be achieved through proper health care and our efforts. We can only maintain good health if we know the various things that affect our health. 


Here are some things that are important to keep our bodies healthy. 


Our health is is is based upon several factors, such as food, pollution, sleeping habits, mental condition, air, water, and sunlight. We should get up early in the morning, get outside, breathe the fresh air it helps us to improve our immune system and overall health, and take a fast walk while walking we must move our arms.

Physical exercises are also very helpful for the fitness of our mind and body. We know the proverb, “A healthy mind in a sensible body”. To keep the body healthy, we need to keep the mind healthy. Exercise keeps us fit. There are several types of exercise. We can walk a mile or two every day. We can take some yogic exercises. At the same, sports and games are very helpful for our health.

Health Is Wealth

Keeping our habits clean is also very important in this regard.


Cleanliness is essential for good health. Without hygiene, it is very difficult to maintain good health. We should clean our house and surroundings daily. A variety of diseases occur in polluted areas. We should always throw rubbish in the trash. Every day, we have to bathe twice, in the morning and the evening. We should wear clean clothes. we should wash our hands with soap and water after eating. A disease-free body is a healthy body, and cleanliness is the key to health.

We know that much of the waste from our body is removed through the skin, which contains millions of tiny ducts called ‘pores’. If we neglect to keep our bodies clean, these pores become clogged and garbage cannot escape. We should keep this important point in our minds and act accordingly.

We should eat fresh food. Food is another essential element of the body. Good nutrition helps us to maintain good health. Consumption of healthy food helps us to reduce any health-related problems. We all need to know how, when, and what to eat. We should always include a portion of raw vegetables, fruits, or salads in our diet. Raw vegetables are an important source of nutrients. Our digestive system plays a vital role in our overall health. Fiber-rich foods like whole grain cereals, bran rice, etc. help us to improve our digestive system. Balanced and nutritious foods help the body grow properly. But we must remember that we eat to live and not that we live for food. In India, overeating causes a high rate of death. we can live longer If we eat less.

Clean and pure drinking water is also essential for good health 

We should take proper sleep because sleep is a vital, often neglected, component of every person’s overall health and well-being. Sleep is also important because it enables the body to repair and be fit and ready for another day. 

Laughter is the best medicine for good health. Therefore, we need to remain calm by fear, greed, jealousy, overcoming anger, and animosity.

Therefore, we need to take care of these things. If we do not do this we may have health problems later. So good habits, good manners, and cleanliness are all more important. Moderate sleep and rest are also helpful.

The life of a healthy person is a lasting treasure. It enables him to enjoy life to the full. The rich may not always be healthy but healthy people are always rich.



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Health is a great treasure. It is the highest blessing. It is the source of all happiness. Happiness can’t buy with money. Happiness is priceless and not based on the wealth of a person. Good health, however, contributes to emotional well-being and happiness. Even with minimum income, a person with sound health can lead a happy and enjoyable life.


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