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10 Most Beautiful Animals in the World

Most Beautiful Animals

What are the some of most beautiful animals in the whole world? This list includes some of the most beautiful, astonishing, and magnificent animals that are currently roaming the earth.

The animal kingdom is full of beauty. From their shining feathers to beautiful fur coats, it is undeniable that some animals are more beautiful than us humans.

But don’t underestimate yourself by not being as lovely as the Victoria Crown Pigeon or being as magnificent as the Arctic fox. There are reasons why these creatures are so beautiful – most of the reasons are related to evolution and thankfully none of these animals are extinct or consider endangered.

The natural beauty of the animals around us has always been encouraging.

The earth is a vast, mysterious place with no shortage of species. They come in all shapes and sizes and boast a variety of symbols and qualities. The natural world is glorious with beautiful animals that display the wonders of evolution.

We at CurioFact have prepared a selection of the most beautiful animals from all over the world, that can appeal to your imagination. And while we sincerely believe that all wildlife is beautiful in its way, some always steal the show.

Here are the 10 most beautiful animals in the world.


10 Most Beautiful Animals on Earth



Mandarin Fish

Mandarin Fish, Top 10 Most Beautiful Animals

Mandarin Fish, Top 10 Most Beautiful Animals

We can find this magnificent fish with blue stripes in the Pacific Ocean near the Australia, Philippines, and Taiwan.

These fishes are very poisonous and smell very bad. Because they have no scales, they need extra protection from predators. So their bodies are covered with toxic spines and smothered by thick, foul-smelling mucus. Because of the bad smell and deadly poison, predators know how to leave this marvelous creature alone.

The blue color comes from a cellular pigment that is unique to the species. The Mandarin Fishes are only 6 cm long.



Attacus Atlas Moth

Attacus Atlas Moth

Attacus Atlas Moth, Top 10 Most Beautiful Animals

From the depths of the Asian jungle emerges a large Attacus Atlas Moth, with wings reaching up to a foot long.

The Atlas moths are one of the largest moths in the world, with a wingspan of more than 9.8 inches. Females are slightly larger than males. Adult Atlas Moths do not have active mouthparts and they only live for 5 to 7 days.



Pink Dolphin

Pink Dolphin

Pink Dolphin, Top 10 Most Beautiful Animals

Most people think of dolphins as gentle creatures swimming in distance in the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean, however, in the case of the Pink Dolphins, the real name is the “Amazon River Dolphin” who actually makes their homes in the deepest part of the Amazon River. They born with gray skin and it changes to pink as they grow old. The males have slightly darker pink skin.



Mandarin Duck

Mandarin Duck

Mandarin Duck, Top 10 Most Beautiful Animals

Originally from East Asia, the mandarin ducks found their way around the world, delighting park visitors with their beauty.

Mandarin ducks are sexually dimorphic, meaning that males and females do not look alike. Mandarin male ducks have feathers with bright stripes, while female ducks have brown feathers with white spots. Males use their colors to attract the attention of a mate.



White Tiger

White Tiger, Top 10 Most Beautiful Animals

White Tiger, Top 10 Most Beautiful Animals

The unique appearance of the white Bengal tiger is associated with its lack of pheomelanin pigment, which makes the fur of ordinary Bengal tigers orange. White tigers are said to grow faster and heavier than orange ones.


As a result of mutations, some Bengal tigers are born white, making them look beautiful and mysterious.

We can find the white tigers in the Sunderbans region of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Assam, and Bihar.

These absolutely beautiful and amazing creatures are often referred to as popular cultural sources. Moreover, they are also a part of Greek, Persian, and Chinese mythology.



Albino Peacock

Albino Peacock

Albino Peacock, Top 10 Most Beautiful Animals

Peacocks are one of the animals that bind spells worldwide, and especially in the case of the white albino peacock.

These peacocks have a spotless, white body, and look amazingly radiant as they emerge in full glory.

Notably, peacocks were born in India, but after the arrival of the British, they spread them all over Europe, which is when the color change began.



Glasswinged Butterfly

Glasswinged Butterfly

Glasswinged Butterfly, Top 10 Most Beautiful Animals

The butterfly was named for its magnificent transparent wings; it is called “espejitos” in Spanish which is translated as “little glasses.”

The tissues on their wings look like glass. These clear wings make it extremely difficult for predators to follow them.

They eat common plants such as Lantana and lay their eggs on nightshade family plants, which contain alkaloid compounds, toxic to humans.



Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Most Beautiful Animal

Victoria Crowned Pigeon, Top 10 Most Beautiful Animals

Named after Queen Victoria herself, the Victoria Crowned Pigeon is the most marvelous and mysterious bird found in New Guinea. They prefer to make their homes in the woods some 3,000 feet above sea level in the nearby mountains, they take daily flights to the sea where they search for food in shallow water.



Leafy Sea Dragon

Leafy Sea Dragon

Leafy Sea Dragon, Top 10 Most Beautiful Animals

This creature is called the leafy sea dragon because of its plant-like appearance. It can usually be found in the state of South Australia.

Leafy Sea dragons are one of the most beautifully decorated creatures on earth. They are adorned with gossamers and their leaf-shaped appendages over their entire bodies help them to blend in the seaweed so they can protect themselves from predators.



Arctic Fox

Most Beautiful Animals

Arctic Fox, Top 10 Most Beautiful Animals

With a cute face and a magnificent white fur coat, Arctic foxes are gorgeous. But that pure coat is not just for show. The thick fur covering their bodies and paws helps them to regulate their body temperature so that they can survive the coldest temperatures in Canada, Russia, Scandinavia, and other cold northern lands.

Sensitive white fur is also practical hiding in the snow. During the winter, Arctic foxes go straight to their tundra. Then, when the ice melts, foxes develop a gray coat that combines with new plants and rocks from summer.


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