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Top 10 Rare Plants in the World

Rare Plant

We have all heard about the most endangered animals. Creatures such as the black rhino and Bengal tiger are endangered, and in some cases have been reduced to only a few. But what about the plants? What are some rare plants? Only They may not be as fun or attractive as beautiful animals, but they are also as important to nature and the ecosystem, and every life depends on that ecosystem. That’s why I am presenting you the top 10 rare plants list and rare plants information.

The earth’s plantation did evolve about 700 million years ago. That was before the first animals appeared on the scene (about 550 million years ago). Throughout the long history, the plants have had to adapt according to the situation. They have experienced extinctions, continental cracks, ice-ages, and other environmental changes.

Unusual plants on this list are fragments of living history. They have unique life cycles, beautiful flowers that are collected around the world.


Everything You Need to Know about these Rare Species of Plants


Although we rarely talk about them, there are plant species with their unique characteristics, found in low numbers found only in some of the parts of the world. such as in the case of animals, the International Union for Conservation Environment (IUCN) has classified each of these species as “critically endangered”. These species are now more valuable than gemstones and their conservation efforts are urgently needed.

Some of the plants that interest us most are the ones that are the most difficult to find. Many of them require specific natural conditions to grow, and they can only thrive in certain parts of the world. A few plants have a natural habitat that lies within a few miles or less.

Rare plants on Earth also occur as one of the strangest and most beautiful things on Earth. With so much to talk about, we could go on for days – but after a little thought, we stayed with the list of rare species of plants that include the top 10 rare plants in the world.



Jellyfish Tree

Rare Plants

Jellyfish Tree, Rare Plant Species

This species was thought to be extinct but it was rediscovered in the 1970s. It got its name from its fruit, which looks like a jellyfish when you break it open. It lives on the island of Mahe in Seychelles a group of islands off the coast of East Africa. There are only about 86 mature jellyfish trees that remain in the wild, and some of them do not reproduce.

There is a different story about jellyfish trees, their seeds do not grow in their natural habitat. As such, researchers have never discovered a small plant, and the current figure of 86 plants is quite old. Fortunately, botanists have germinated the seeds in artificial humidity conditions, but it remains to be seen whether they will grow back naturally.


Suicide Palm

Suicide Palm

Suicide Palm, Rare Plants Species

The suicide palm is a large palm tree found only in the Analalava district of Madagascar. It has a lifespan of about 50 years, then flowers only once, and then dies soon after. This species of rare plants was discovered in 2005, by a cashew farm manager, and were officially described in 2008. Its huge trunk can grow up to 20m long and it has large fan-leaves about 5m long. There are only about 90 suicide palms left in the wild. These species are named so because of the unique characteristic of this plant.



Venda Cycad

Rare Plants

Venda Cycad, Rare Plant Species

Hairy-looking Venda cycad is only known from the Limpopo province of South Africa. In 1996, it was first described as a new species. Like a golf ball, it is threatened by people who illegally collect it for decorative purposes, and the population has been declining. Unconfirmed reports indicate that Venda cycad is now extinct in the wild.


Attenborough’s Pitcher Plant

Attenborough's pitcher plant

Attenborough’s Pitcher Plant, Rare Plant Species

This plant is one of the newly found rare plants. It is estimated that there are only a few hundred. Pitcher plants are carnivorous plants that trap their prey in containers filled with liquids called pitchers. The Attenborough’s pitcher plant is one of the largest pitcher plants, with pots up to 30cm high that can catch insects and some rodents including rats and mouses. It was discovered in 2007. It is named after British naturalist broadcaster David Attenborough.

Pitcher plants are rare in their own right. They have been the fashion house for the past few years. However, Attenborough’s Pitcher Plant is very different and rare. You can find it only at Mount Victoria in the Philippines, nowhere else. However, Mount Victoria is very hard to reach, that’s why the exact number of this rare plant has never been calculated.



Ascension Island Parsley Fern

Ascension Island Parsley Fern

Ascension Island Parsley Fern, Rare Plant Species

This little fern looks like a tiny parsley plant. It is found only in Ascension, a volcanic island south of the Atlantic Ocean. The plant is believed to have been extinct for more than half a century when a group of botanical researchers discovered four ferns in 2009. To save a few survivors, researchers took care of them for months, descended the hillside with a safety rope to water them and remove weeds.

They grew up on the rugged slopes of Mount Ascension, in harsh, dry conditions. As soon as the plants started to produce the spores, the researchers cut small parts out of the ferns (spore-forming parts) and sent them to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, UK for propagation. However, the fern is still extremely rare, with only about 40 mature plants in the wild.


Poke-Me-Boy Tree

Poke-Me-Boy Tree

Poke-Me-Boy Tree, Rare Plant Species

This is a very spiny shrub that can only be found in Fallen Jerusalem and Anegada in the British Virgin Islands. These rare plants are well named because of their extremely spiny characteristics. The population of this species is unknown, but the species is known to occur in less than 10 square km area. To increase their chances of survival, mature poke-me-boy trees are planted at the JR O’Neal Botanic Garden in the British Virgin Islands, and the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, UK. It may soon become extinct due to rising sea levels that threaten to wash away these evergreen shrubs.


Western Underground Orchid

Western Underground Orchid

Western Underground Orchid, Rare Plant Species

This is the only species of orchid that remains underground throughout its entire life, even its flowers bloom underground, in late May and early June it produces more than a hundred cream-reddish flowers and its flowers have a very strong fragrance. It lives only in the Broom bush shrubland in Western Australia where it was discovered back in 1928. It does not contain chlorophyll and therefore cannot require solar energy like most plants. Instead, it survives by stealing nutrients from nearby plants. There are less than 50 plants left. This plant is so difficult to find, that only a little information is known about the mysterious Western Underground Orchid.


Coral Tree

Coral Tree

Coral Tree, Rare Plant Species

With its spiny trunk and bright-red flowers, this critically endangered plant is found only in the remote forests of southeastern Tanzania. It was declared extinct in 1998 but was rediscovered in 2001 in a small piece of forest. However, a piece of forest was cleared to grow biofuels, and the species was feared to be extinct again until it was rediscovered in 2011. Now there are fewer than 50 mature coral trees in the wild, in only a single unprotected area.



Corpse Flower

Rare Plants

Corpse Flower, Rare Plant Species

Despite its bad name, the corpse flower is very unique and beautiful, but unfortunately, it emits a scent that many describe as a stench. The corpse flower is also large as the whole plant can grow up to 20 feet tall and almost 16 feet wide. It grows naturally only in two small parts of Indonesia. Larger plants can weigh hundreds of pounds.

One of the most intriguing features of the corpse flower is that it can take a decade to blossom. Subsequent flowering occurs at unusual times, some flowers continue to bloom only once in seven to ten years.



Golf Ball Cactus

Rare Plant

Golf Ball Cactus, Rare Plant Species

You can find it only in the mountains of Queretaro in Mexico, the golf ball cactus named so because of its white appearance, resembling a golf ball. Its beautiful pink flowers have made it popular among gardeners, so many wild cactus have been collected illegally. As a result, the population has dropped by more than 95% in the last 20 years. The rarity of species and their limited range has led to their classification as threatened in the United States.

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