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What is pornography? | pornography Definition & Meaning

What is pornography?

Pornography refers to the depiction of sexual behaviour in books, pictures, videos and other forms of media. So, it is designed to make the readers or viewers sexually aroused. And, the kind of pornography watched varies from person to person and culture to culture. There exists a distinction between pornography and erotica, and it is majorly subjective in nature.


What are the types of pornography?

In most cultures, pornography means watching peep shows, striptease, live sex acts, hardcore videos, sexual aids and tools, adult magazines, etc. Whereas, in conservative cultures, porn is watched in terms of soap operas, romantic novels, and even R-rated movies. And, the type of pornography ranges between amateur, fetish, sexual orientation-based, orgy, reality, soft and hardcore pornography. It can be regarded as good, bad or neutral, depending upon the way it is being used, the nature of pornography, and its impact on the person’s relationships and life in general. And, it is vital to monitor a person’s behaviour towards porn, since it can become an addiction for them, in turn disrupting their well-being.

How pornography causes depression?

Pornography does have an immense impact on the brain of the person. This is because the brain tends to react towards sexual stimulation in terms of the high amount of dopamine secretion. The porn scenes are regarded as triggers that cause unusually high levels of dopamine secretion. It leads to a disconnect between the person’s wants and needs, in turn suggesting the presence of reward circuitry dysregulation. Porn use has been found to be associated with erosion of the prefrontal cortex, i.e. the region which is responsible for executive functions including morality, willpower and impulse control.

Research has shown that abrupt secretion of dopamine is found to cause depression and anxiety among people. And, studies have also suggested that porn viewers tend to show more depressive symptoms, lower quality of life, and even a disrupted mental health as compared to those who don’t engage in watching porn. This suggests the link between pornography and depression.

What is the impact of pornography on the family?

The family of porn viewers tend to get impacted as well. This is because, the family members of porn viewers are unable to see their close ones watching too much porn since their loved ones might get addicted to it, and become more aggressive towards their family members. And, watching too much porn alters the sexual attitudes and behaviours of the porn viewer. It is regarded as a harmful threat to marriage, family, children and individual happiness as a whole. Even, the relationships of the porn viewers are likely to get disrupted, as these people remain busy and satisfied in their own world, and in turn, suffer from several social as well as mental health issues.

Research has revealed that pornography leads to increased aggression, addiction, isolation, distorted perceptions about relationships, sexuality and negative feelings towards various aspects of life in general. 


What are the myths about pornography?

There are several myths about pornography. These include:

  • Pornography is harmless in nature.
  • Too much porn leads to erectile dysfunction among men.
  • Porn is considered a fantasy.
  • After marriage, porn viewing will stop.
  • It creates problems in intimate relationships.
  • It is based on the view of physical and sexual perfection.
  • Only men can watch porn and enjoy themselves.
  • It is a tool for sustaining sex lives.
  • It is usually violent and misogynist in nature.
  • People watching porn have a low moral character.
  • It causes the empowerment of women.
  • It negatively impacts the sex lives of people.
  • Watching porn is considered an act of shame.
  • It emphasises men’s sexuality and their pleasure.
  • Porn addiction is invincible.

Even though these myths have existed for ages, yet these are busted by the growing generations, due to their vast amount of knowledge and awareness about pornography.


What are the positive effects of watching pornography?

With the advancement in technology, watching porn has become even more accessible for people. It has created opportunities for people to educate themselves, and remove the stigma around sex. The porn viewers are likely to experience a sense of pleasure, comfort, and a way of self-exploration towards their desires. Watching porn is more convenient and safe for people. People have become more open-minded about sex. And, there are instances that have suggested that people tend to relieve their stress at work by watching porn. Even, it has improved the sexual relationships of people, since they are able to understand the sexual needs and desires of their partner, in turn leading to long-lasting relationships.

Research has indicated that pornography does have a positive impact on the lives of people. And the porn viewers tend to have an enriched sex life, long-lasting intimate relationships, positive attitudes towards sex and life in general.


What are the side effects of watching pornography?

There are times when porn can be harmful, especially when it becomes an addiction for people, and they crave porn constantly. The porn viewers tend to show a negative attitude towards women in general and suffer from various mental health issues including anxiety, and depression. When watching pornography becomes their addiction, they experience a sense of discomfort and are unable to focus on their sex lives with their partner, in turn destroying their relationship with their partner.

Pornography not only affects the viewer but their relationships as well. This is because, their sexual preferences get massively impacted by porn, and in turn, these people are likely to remain less satisfied with their intimate relationships. At times, issues pertaining to self-esteem, personal integrity, body image tend to arise, due to the unusual depiction of beauty in porn films. Further, the mental health and well-being of people watching porn get disrupted as a whole.

Research has shown that watching pornography is found to be associated with unstable relationships, a greater risk of infidelity, and even a higher frequency of divorce. And, the findings have also revealed that watching porn is one of the major reasons for problems in marriage.

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